Friday, March 4, 2016

The Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Orgasms

By Michael Webb

Is there such thing as “the best” lovemaking

Actually there is!

However, the best positions for men and women are
different. Also, did you know that by moving even
one inch in any direction while in these positions,
you can dramatically change the feeling and
intensity of a position?

Take your time to find the best angles for the both
of you, while using these positions.

The Best Position For Women To Climax

The reverse missionary is identical to the
traditional missionary except that she is on top.
This is probably the easiest position for a woman
to climax because she can control the friction to
her clitoris and/or G-spot.

Since you typically want the women to orgasm first,
this would be one of your first positions and then
move to a position where the guy has full control
for his orgasm.

You can vary your leg positions by both of you
spreading your legs, or by alternating the one who
has them spread and the one who has them together.

The Best Position For Men To Orgasm

Practically every animal species utilizes the
rear-entry “doggy-style” position, so it is a
natural one for humans to enjoy, as well. Although
you won’t have face-to-face contact, there are many
benefits. It is great for guys because it gives
them full control.

This is one of the best positions for hitting her
G-spot and allows you to fondle her breasts,
stomach, clitoris, back, neck and other sensual
spots. Even she can touch her clitoris in this

She kneels before you (some women enjoy it more if
their head is down on a pillow) and you enter her
from behind.

The main benefit for the guy is a view of her
beautiful bottom and being able to see the action,
while getting incredibly deep penetration
(above-average guys need to be careful as deep
thrusts might hit her cervix, which can be quite

The Mistake Couples Make Using Lovemaking Positions

Of course, books show dozens, if not hundreds, of
sexual positions, but the reality is that there are
maybe only eight basic positions, with slight
variations for each.

So what happens when you've tried all eight
positions to death? Let's face it­­in the end,
lovemaking is generally always the same.

That’s why you should explore ALL aspects of
sexuality about each other. I don't mean anything
freaky here. I just mean cultivate an adventurous
spirit. Turn foreplay into a game. Add a prop or

Try a new place. How about starting off with a
plate of fruits? There are literally HUNDREDS of
ways you can make your lovemaking more exciting,
passionate and fulfilling long-term, rather than
just trying new positions.

About the Author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the author of 500
Lovemaking Tips, a book full of ways to spice up
your lovemaking, adding more passion, pleasure and
intimacy to your experience. To read more, CLICK HERE NOW.

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