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Forex Trading Signals - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Money sustains relationships and marriages, not love; therefore it is imperative that lovers and would-be married couples and married couples create and maintain more than one channels of income. Engaging in forex trading is one legitimate way to make some extra cash. Trading can be done at home full time or part time.
The facts explained in the Q&A below can help you to trade online with ease, thus, sustaining your relationships and marriages.
What is forex?
The foreign exchange market is a 24/7 global marketplace where participants buy and sell the world’s currencies. Many currencies trade on the open market where prices are determined according to the price at which market participants are willing to buy or sell a particular currency in exchange for another. Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world. While there is no single physical location, the majority of trading activity takes place in London.

How do people make money trading forex?
As in other market environments, if a market participant buys an asset at a price lower than the price that the participant is able to sell the asset for a some point in the future, the individual is able to realize a profit on that trade. For example, if earlier today you purchased some Japanese Yen in exchange for US Dollars, and the value of US Dollars had since decreased relative to the Yen, you would be able to buy back more US Dollars than you started with (i.e. you would generate a profit in US Dollar terms). Market participants make money by buying and selling the right currency pairs at the right time.

Is forex trading legal?
Yes. In fact, government central banks engage in currency trading on a major scale.

How does forex trading work?
A forex trade takes place when a market participant buys one currency in exchange for another (e.g. buy Japanese Yen in exchange for US Dollars). All trades are executed through a forex broker or dealer.

What is pip?
Pip stands for ‘percentage in point’ and refers to the smallest price increment available to forex traders. For example, if the USD/AUD bid price increases from 1.2000 to 1.2010, the pair is said to have increased by 10 pips. Note: All currencies except for the Japanese Yen are quoted to four decimal places. The Japanese Yen is quoted to two decimal places.

What is leverage?
Leverage allows traders to invest with borrowed money to amplify their trading performance. When using leverage a trader is able to enter into much larger contracts than their underlying deposit would normally allow. If a broker offered leverage of 200:1, the trader would be able to buy or sell $20,000 worth of currencies with a margin deposit of $100.

What are stop-loss orders for?
Stop-loss orders allow traders to set limits where the position will be automatically liquidated. They are a useful way to reduce risk if the market moves in an unfavorable direction.

How are the signals generated?
Our team has spent years developing sophisticated financial models and advanced computer software that analyze market movements to determine the best time to buy or sells currency pairs. The software is focused on predicting pivot points for select currency pairs.

OmniForex Signals
What is OmniForex Signals?
OmniForex is a service that provides users with indications as to when it is a good time to buy or sell on the foreign exchange market.

How does OmniForex Signals work?
OmniForex provides users with signals that recommend the timing of currency trades. The signals are identified by a sophisticated set of computer algorithms. The user can simply follow the instructions to buy or sell a particular currency pair using a forex platform.

How often are the Signals generated?
Currency traders normally specialize in one of three trading frequencies: intraday (i.e. up to 6 trades in a single day with no positions left open overnight); daily (i.e. one trade per day); or weekly (i.e. one trade per week). Users can select which strategy they would prefer depending on the amount of time they are able to spend on their trading, as well as their personal investment style.

What does it cost to use OmniForex?
OmniForex is a subscription service – beyond the stated membership fees there are no fees to be paid in order to use the service. Users are invited to try the full-featured service for an initial 3-day period for $4.99. After the trial period has ended, the monthly membership is $99.90. This cost does not include money for trading or brokerage services.

How much money do I need to use OmniForex successfully?
It depends on the amount of leverage made available to you by your Forex broker as well as the minimum trading amount. Some brokerages will allow you to use a high level of leverage (up to 400:1) so for every $1 that you invest you will be exposed to market movements as if you were trading with $400. What’s more, some brokerages will allow you to start trading with as little as $1. Yes one dollar.

How does OmniForex compare to other signal systems?
OmniForex is a fully automated signaling service – it does not require you to do any of the market analysis manually. Many so-called systems simply suggest methods that you can use to time forex transactions without signaling specific trades.

How do I get paid?
This will be determined your selected forex broker. Brokers are generally able to transfer earnings into your bank account regardless of the currency that your account is denominated in.

Can I use OmniForex anywhere in the world?
Yes, all that is required to use OmniForex is a computer with an internet connection.

Will you really give me my money back, if the program doesn't work?
Yes. Our official return policy is as follows:
We will, at our option, replace or repair any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase. After 60 days all sales are final.

Am I able to cancel my membership at anytime?
Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the end of the current membership period in order to prevent billing for the following month.

What happens when I purchase OmniForex?
After you make a purchase you will be invited to create a username and password. You will then be able to access the Members Area which provides information about how to use OmniForex Signals. In the Members Area you will also be able to choose when your preferred trading strategy.

Do I need a special skills to use OmniForex?
No. OmniForex only requires basic computer skills and a sound understanding of the English language.

Which currencies do you provide signals for?
OmniForex provides daily signals for 18 currency pairs, as outlined below: AUD/USD, AUD/JPY, CHF/JPY, EUR/CHF, EUR/CAD, EUR/JPY, EUR/AUD, EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, XAG/USD, XAU/USD

Is the system automated?
Yes. The system makes all recommendations automatically: trade entry times, trade exit times and stop-loss amounts for each of the currency pairs listed above. It does not require the user to think about whether or not a trade should be made.

How should I use the signals?
The signals should be used to execute trades. As the algorithms rely on predicting market pivot times, there is no information provided about price level data. The user should log on to OmniForex the night before a trading day to see the signals for the following day.

Which pairs should I trade?
The user can select whichever pairs he or she chooses. It is recommended that the user continues to trade the same pairs for several months to not miss out on the profit opportunities arising from those pairs. Users can diversify their positions by trading more than one pair.

What if I cannot execute a trade recommended by the signals?
It is important to be available to execute the signaled trades. If a trade cannot be executed, it is recommended that the user does not execute the trade at a later time. It is better to miss a trade than to make a trade at the wrong time.

Am I able to close a trade if I am making a profit?
While the user can close a trade at any time, it is recommended that they trade at the closing time indicated by the signal. Closing a position early might lead the user to miss out on greater profit opportunities that occur after the position has been closed.

What is the difference between OmniForex Signals and robot trader systems?
Most robot trader systems make trades and trading recommendations based on simple and exponential averages of historic prices. OmniForex uses more sophisticated mathematics, including neural networks and genetic algorithms, and takes into account a greater number of parameters. The computation behind the OmniForex algorithms is too great to take place on a normal PC (hence the web delivery model); most robot trader systems run locally on PCs because they are less computationally intensive.
Forex trading just got better!

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CHRIS FARREL MEMBERSHIP - Learn the 3 Steps needed to make money using the internet - working from home


Money is very essential not only in the sustenance of relationships and marriages but also of livelihoods all over the world. 

Apart from your day time job, you can also earn some extra cash from your own internet business. Don't worry! You don't have to be a computer guru or well experienced in business to make some extra cash using the internet to work from home.
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How To Find The G-Spot and Techniques To Drive Your Lady Wild

By Michael Webb

Did you know that women can have several different
types of orgasms? That’s right.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the “holy grail”
of all the female orgasms is achieved with the

But finding it and knowing how to pleasure her
G-spot is the hard part! Here’s an A-to-Z on
everything you need to know…

1. How to find the G-spot

First of all, the G-spot is actually a zone, rather
than an actual 'spot.' The G-spot is located about
2 inches inside the vagina on the topside. (On the
underside of her stomach.)

You'll know when you've found it because it feels
like a ribbed bump, like the roof of your mouth
just behind your front teeth.

2. How should you stimulate it?

While most men would love to satisfy their ladies
with intercourse, it’s not always the best idea.

Because it depends on factors like the position,
her level of arousal, and penis and vaginal shape
and size. In short: using fingers is the easiest
way to reach orgasm with the most chance of

3. Important: Before stimulating the G-spot

In most cases, women need to have their clitoris
stimulated before stimulating the G-spot. But once
it's fully stimulated, the clitoris is often too
sensitive for direct contact. Ask your lady.
Otherwise, the G-spot may feel dry and
uncomfortable. After this point, you can move onto
the G-spot.

4. The best positions to stimulate the G-spot

To really stimulate the G-spot, you'll need to be
in a position that gives you great easy access to
work your magic. Here are two suggestions: 1) Your
lady lies on her back while you lie next to her,
using your stronger arm. 2) She sits in
doggie-style position, while you sit and pleasure
her from behind. Actually, if you want even more
passion and excitement, try changing from one
position to another over the course of your
stimulation. Now let’s talk about how you should
pleasure it.

5. How to stimulate the G-spot with this technique

The motion you want to use is the "come over here"
gesture, using your fingers. Keep in mind that the
G-spot is different from the clitoris, which means,
in most cases, you’ll stroke it slightly harder
than the clitoris. Start by massaging it lightly
and work your way up to a point she finds
incredibly satisfying.

6. How to tell if she’s enjoying it

First of all, remember that the best feeling will
vary for every woman. Alternate between two very
slight movements or spots to find what she likes
best. You’ll know what she likes by her breathing
or when she firmly grips you. Having said all that,
there is a way to make this experience even MORE

7. The missing piece to a powerful orgasm

Did you know that prolonged foreplay is said to
intensify orgasms? That’s right.  However, men
often focus so much on “performing” that they
forget about spicing up their lovemaking with new
and exciting things. Let’s face it; most of us are
guilty of this. You take your clothes off. Away you
go, and, within a few seconds or minutes, the
routine is over. But as the bedroom magic fades, it
becomes harder and harder to make woman achieve
orgasms. Why? Because women long for variety in
their sexual experience. The very best way to
please women long-term is to have an entire ‘bag of
ideas’ ready to pull out whenever they’re needed. I
cannot stress the need to keep your lovemaking
fresh and exciting in every way. That’s the secret
to fulfilled lovemaking.

About the Author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the author of 500
Lovemaking Tips, a book full of ways to spice up
your lovemaking, adding more passion, pleasure and
intimacy to your experience. To read more, CLICK HERE NOW.

The Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Orgasms

By Michael Webb

Is there such thing as “the best” lovemaking

Actually there is!

However, the best positions for men and women are
different. Also, did you know that by moving even
one inch in any direction while in these positions,
you can dramatically change the feeling and
intensity of a position?

Take your time to find the best angles for the both
of you, while using these positions.

The Best Position For Women To Climax

The reverse missionary is identical to the
traditional missionary except that she is on top.
This is probably the easiest position for a woman
to climax because she can control the friction to
her clitoris and/or G-spot.

Since you typically want the women to orgasm first,
this would be one of your first positions and then
move to a position where the guy has full control
for his orgasm.

You can vary your leg positions by both of you
spreading your legs, or by alternating the one who
has them spread and the one who has them together.

The Best Position For Men To Orgasm

Practically every animal species utilizes the
rear-entry “doggy-style” position, so it is a
natural one for humans to enjoy, as well. Although
you won’t have face-to-face contact, there are many
benefits. It is great for guys because it gives
them full control.

This is one of the best positions for hitting her
G-spot and allows you to fondle her breasts,
stomach, clitoris, back, neck and other sensual
spots. Even she can touch her clitoris in this

She kneels before you (some women enjoy it more if
their head is down on a pillow) and you enter her
from behind.

The main benefit for the guy is a view of her
beautiful bottom and being able to see the action,
while getting incredibly deep penetration
(above-average guys need to be careful as deep
thrusts might hit her cervix, which can be quite

The Mistake Couples Make Using Lovemaking Positions

Of course, books show dozens, if not hundreds, of
sexual positions, but the reality is that there are
maybe only eight basic positions, with slight
variations for each.

So what happens when you've tried all eight
positions to death? Let's face it­­in the end,
lovemaking is generally always the same.

That’s why you should explore ALL aspects of
sexuality about each other. I don't mean anything
freaky here. I just mean cultivate an adventurous
spirit. Turn foreplay into a game. Add a prop or

Try a new place. How about starting off with a
plate of fruits? There are literally HUNDREDS of
ways you can make your lovemaking more exciting,
passionate and fulfilling long-term, rather than
just trying new positions.

About the Author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the author of 500
Lovemaking Tips, a book full of ways to spice up
your lovemaking, adding more passion, pleasure and
intimacy to your experience. To read more, CLICK HERE NOW.

5 Tips For Better Lovemaking

By Michael Webb

Here are five really simple ways to make your
lovemaking more hot, steamy and passionate… (Even
starting tonight)

1. Find your partner’s “hidden” zones

I call these “hidden” zones because many people
don’t realize, or forget, that these areas of the
body LOVE attention.

While many of these zones are obvious, like the
lips, breasts, inner thighs and genitals, there are
also areas that, when stroked, caressed and kissed,
can drive your partner wild and even intensify
their orgasm.

Believe it or not, the ears, neck, arms and hair
are all really sensitive areas that love to be
stimulated. Spend some time during foreplay
caressing and touching these areas, and watch how
it pleases your partner.

2. Set a romantic mood

People often think that using candles, music,
incense and even rose petals to set the mood of
your lovemaking is too “cliché.” Are they kidding!
Your partner will LOVE YOU for this.

Just imagine how happy you would feel if someone
went to all the trouble to create a special
lovemaking occasion that you can cherish for years
to come. Could this be so “cliché” because people
enjoy it so much? Point made.

3. Give them a sensual massage

Why stop at setting the mood? Go one step further
and give your partner a sensual massage that makes
them feel relaxed and loved at the same time. Make
it sexy, sensual, and pleasurable.

Massage them naked or build up the anticipation by
having them slowly undress during the massage. Then
kiss, caress and slowly transition “under the
sheets” where a massage of another kind can take

And no, you don’t need years of study to give a
great massage. Just grab some candles and music,
and bless your partner with an experience they’ll
never forget.

4. Please your partner with more oral sex

Did you know that oral sex is a great way to
strengthen your relationship? Think about it. It
takes a lot of trust and comfort to let somebody
have their mouth down there. Not to mention it’s
great for men who want to relax without pressure to
perform, and for women who can’t reach orgasm from
only intercourse. In short, it’s an important part
of foreplay. Here are some tips for both men and

LADIES: Women often start fellatio by sucking on
the penis straight away when, actually, they should
start with some playful teasing and soft touches.
This will lead to a much more powerful orgasm as it
heightens his anticipation.

GENTLEMAN: A mistake men often make is moving their
tongue in a thrusting fashion, when stimulating the
vagina and clitoris orally. Instead, they should
lick it like an ice cream cone. Another great tip
to keep things exciting is to write the alphabet
around the clitoris with your tongue.

5. Constantly explore and try new things

If I could only give you one piece of advice for
better lovemaking, it would be this: become
adventurous and creative.

Nothing is stopping you from red-hot passion except
your level of creativity. Try a new position, do it
somewhere new, or spice up your foreplay with a

Let’s face it, the basic act of lovemaking, no
matter how hard you try, is always kiss and thrust,
but it’s HOW you do it and the way you make your
partner feel that really counts.

By dedicating time to finding new things, you can
turn ordinary lovemaking into extraordinary
lovemaking. This is the sure-fire way to make sure
your lovemaking stays passionate, pleasurable, and
intimate for years to come.

About the Author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the author of 500
Lovemaking Tips, a book full of ways to spice up
your lovemaking, adding more passion, pleasure and
intimacy to your experience. To read more, CLICK HERE NOW.

7 Lovemaking Mistakes That Couples Make and How To Avoid Them


By Michael Webb

Did you know that people who try to spice up their
lovemaking, often make their experiences LESS
fulfilling? It’s true.

Over the years, I've seen couples make the same
mistakes over and over again, when trying to
improve their love lives, and I'd like to teach you
how to overcome and avoid these problems.

Here are the 7 lovemaking mistakes. Are you making

MISTAKE #1: Feeling scared or embarrassed to talk
about trying new things

Have you ever had an idea to spice up your
lovemaking but were afraid of what your partner may

Believe it or not, in 90% of cases, your partner
would LOVE to try something new, too, but they're
just as uncomfortable or embarrassed about bringing
it up as you are.

And you don't need to introduce whips, chains or a
third person. That's nonsense! There are hundreds
of ways to bring variety to your passionate play
that aren't crude or dangerous and that your
partner is sure to be comfortable with.

MISTAKE #2: Trying to convince the partner to make

If your lover is tired or not in the mood for sex,
trying to convince or persuade them to have sex
almost NEVER works.

On the other hand, when a person is sexually
aroused, their body releases the chemical
'adrenaline' into the bloodstream. This chemical is
what gives you the energy to make love. So here's
how to arouse them the right way. Yes, even if
they're tired.

Ladies: Want to get him in the mood? Give him
fellatio or manually stroke him between 9 ­ 10 in
the morning. This is when his testosterone levels
are highest for the day. For better results, also
wear something sexy or nothing at all. He'll like

Lads: Deep passionate kisses are one of the biggest
'turn-ons' for women. Looking in her eyes and
touching her face while kissing her can really
increase arousal, too. And give some attention to
her neck­­it will drive her wild. But don't rush
this! Spend quality time building up her arousal
with your sensual kisses.

MISTAKE #3: Neglecting foreplay to enjoy
intercourse sooner

People in a relationship (especially men) tend to
neglect foreplay so they can begin to enjoy
intercourse sooner, but did you know that foreplay
is actually said to intensify orgasms?

That's right. If you kiss, caress and touch longer,
you can make your lovemaking even more satisfying.

So SLOW DOWN. Take your time. If you want to make
it even better, tease your partner in a playful
way. (This works like crazy.)

If you find something that they really enjoy, stop
doing it, move back, and then do it again later.
The more you pull back and push forward, the more
they'll want it. And the more intense their
experience will be. There are many games you can
play to heighten this anticipation, too.

MISTAKE #4: Using toys or porn to make your
lovemaking better

When sex hits a rough patch, many couples (men
especially) think that a video, some plastic or
vibrating thingy will instantly takes things
through the roof.

Wrong!… While toys can certainly have their place
in your lovemaking repertoire, relying on them can
be extremely dangerous. These outside sources of
pleasure can quickly make lovemaking even less

Why? Because you don't want your partner to end up
looking forward to their plastic toy for pleasure
more than they look forward to pleasure with you,
do you? Couples need to first fully discover how to
please all their spouses' body parts before
introducing other elements. Use them as a spice,
not the main course.

MISTAKE #5: Trying to make the woman orgasm ONLY
from intercourse

Men often feel "unmanly" if they can't satisfy
their woman from intercourse. But what they need to
understand is that a large number of women can't
achieve orgasm through normal lovemaking.

Just knowing this takes the pressure off men
completely. Now there's no need to get upset when
their women don’t reach orgasm. Instead, men should
master the art of cunnilingus (going down on a

MISTAKE #6: Trying to “finish” at the same time

Simultaneous orgasms are quite overrated. Instead
of aiming for one orgasm that you share together,
focus completely on the woman’s needs first.

Hold off from the positions you find most enjoyable
and instead make love in ways that are most
pleasurable for your lady, until she is completely
satisfied. That way you have a much greater chance
of both climaxing.

MISTAKE #7: Sticking to a “set routine” too often

You know the drill. You take your clothes off,
insert part A into part B, and, within a few
minutes, the routine is over. Sound familiar?

No matter how fantastic lovemaking can be, there’s
no denying it can get boring over the years. And
the reason is because lovemaking in its basic act
is always the same. But the danger is letting it
get “too routine,” which can begin to affect your

The BEST WAY to protect your love life and precious
connection with your partner is to have lots of new
lovemaking ideas ready at your disposal.

That's the secret.

In fact, when you have an abundance of NEW tips and
techniques ready, you’ll enjoy more hot, steamy and
passionate lovemaking, discover newfound enthusiasm
to make love and even make love more often.

About the Author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the author of 500
Lovemaking Tips, a book full of ways to spice up
your lovemaking, adding more passion, pleasure and
intimacy to your experience. To read more, CLICK HERE NOW.

10 Ways To Rekindle The Magic In Your Relationship

By Michael Webb

Are you frustrated that your relationship doesn’t
have the magic and romance that it once had?

You’re not alone.

Living with the same partner for a long time can
become stable and comfortable, and, as a result,
can also kill the spark that made your relationship
so special in the first place.

Here are some simple, fun and creative ideas to
reignite that magic:


Get a piece of paper and some crayons. Draw a
bright childlike picture with a smiley sun and two
stick figures holding hands. Add labels with your
two names pointing to the stick figures. Write ‘I
Love You’ inside a heart. Next get a large formal
envelope. Place your drawing inside and type up a
formal address label of your partner's workplace,
such as:  “For the immediate and urgent attention
of:  Rebecca Jones, Level 20, Collins & Smith
Solicitors, New York.” Mail it to your partner so
they receive it in the middle of a busy day.


If you are walking by a park, visit the swings and
give your partner a ride. This will often bring
back happy memories from their childhood.


On a hot summer’s day, buy two large water pistols
and take them to the beach with you. Pull them out
and throw one to your partner and then have a huge
water fight.


Buy a small, decorated cardboard box, a sheet of
colored tissue paper, some massage oil and a blank
card. Line the box with the tissue paper. Place the
massage oil in the box and write the following
message on the card: I know a great masseur. For an
appointment call: (Your Phone Number)


Contact your partner's family and ask if there was
anything she always wanted when she was a little
girl. For example if she always wanted a porcelain
doll, buy one for her birthday. She will not only
appreciate the gift, but also the fact that you
were thoughtful enough to find out what she always
wanted. You can do this for your man too.


Drive into the country, find a grassy hill, and lie
with your partner and look up at the clouds.


Trace out the shape of a large love heart in the
sand. Sit inside the heart and cuddle your partner
as you watch the sun go down.


Spread a picnic blanket on the ground and get
together some snacks, chocolates and champagne. Lie
down on the blanket with your partner and gaze up
at the stars together.


Leave a long-stem rose where your partner will find
it, with a note on it saying: "Thank you for coming
into my life."


Probably the most profound way to rekindle the
romance in your relationship is to spice up your
lovemaking. Surprise your partner with a little
gift after you make love, try a new position, learn
to give your partner a sensual massage before or
after, or just spend some time staring into each
other’s eyes and caressing their bare skin before
making love.

Many people underestimate the affect passionate and
intimate lovemaking has on a relationship. If you
spice it up, chances are you and your partner will
naturally do romantic things for each other. Why?
Because passionate lovemaking connects two people
in a meaningful and unexplainable way that nothing
else can.

About the Author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the author of 500
Lovemaking Tips, a book full of ways to spice up
your lovemaking, adding more passion, pleasure and
intimacy to your experience. To read more, CLICK HERE NOW.

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Oprah Love Expert Reveals 500 Tips To Have More Amazing Sex In Your Relationship


Oprah Love Expert Reveals 500 Tips To Have More Amazing Sex In Your Relationship in his sizzling eBOOK "500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets"In this book, you'll learn…

  •     The biggest lovemaking mistakes
  •     How to invigorate each other to make love
  •     Ways to help cure premature ejaculation
  •     Dozens of oral sex tips
  •     Fun sex games
  •     How to make your erections harder
  •     The best positions to make love
  •     Unique places to make love
  •     Secrets to give each other more pleasure
  •     How to make sex more intmate and meaningful
  •     Ways to incorporate food into lovemaking
  •     The complete guide to safe sex
  •     And much more…


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