Wednesday, November 18, 2015

If you want to get back with your ex, here's how!

by Justin Sinclair

Have you broken up with someone because of a misunderstanding, an argument, or over something that really shouldn't have caused a break up? Cause if you are then I can understand wanting to fix your relationship even if you had gotten pretty upset with them. There are a few methods you can take first is the active version and after the passive version.

Now to take the active approach and if your ex is willing to talk then this method should be the most straightforward, but if the heat of the last argument hasn't cooled down between the both of you then it most likely will lead to another word fight. First, come to understand what the argument was about. Then, if the argument is something you regret and that you truly want to get back together then you need to express that with your ex. Now, they might not want to talk to you and still feel upset, but you should kindly tell them that the argument went way out of hand and anything you said wasn't how you really felt and that you would want to possibly talk things over with them. Having sincerity in your words is far more important than pride at this point, but if they won't give you time they certainly don't deserve your attention.

Next we have is the passive method this one focuses solely on self evaluation and to get your ex to look at a fresh you. This one is probably the better option for both you and the entire relationship. The reason I say that is because if you look from how you were before, during, and after the relationship you gotta make some decisions based on how you feel towards yourself. Are you happy with who you are now? If not then you should choose this option, not only is it possible you'll catch your ex's attention, but you will feel better about yourself along with it. The steps for this method is easy. First, try changing your hairstyle to something you normally don't do, but look good with.

Next, spice up your wardrobe with something new for instance try different colored shirts that might bring a different feel that isn't usual for you. Now, the next step should be easier and something you need to think about less before doing and that would be to just hang out with your friends or some new companions and just enjoy yourself. Now the final step after separating any sad feelings and partly moved on from your ex if you still want to get back together. Talk to your ex with that new found confidence and bright appearance they just might jump at the chance to get back with you. This might make you happy to realize that your hurt feelings from the past are still there and the only reason your standing there now is because of how you feel towards them.

If you can't get past all of the drama with your ex they might not be worth it and then its time to move on and if you take the passive method you will most definitely come out with less scars and a lot more hope for future relationships that you can work on with them and even decide some things up front to prevent past problems to reoccur. I hope my insight is useful for many situations and even help those that need to move on, because there is no fix all answer.


How We Got Back Together

by Justin Sinclair

Of course, if things had been going well, she'd have believed the (truthful) explanation. A colleague getting overenthusiastic when we'd just won a big advertising pitch. It was hugs and kisses all round, I think I even kissed my boss, and he's the father of four and built like a quarterback.

But things hadn't been going well. We'd moved in together, and frankly we were driving each other mad.I love her like crazy, but I just wasn't used to accounting for my actions, minute by minute. That girl loves to text. Every second of the day, where am I, what am I doing, what did I have for lunch, do you want steak for dinner - the constant texts made me feel like a prisoner under observation.

But after the fight, I missed them. I missed the almost continuous low "ting" that heralded a message coming in. I missed my phone come to that, and had to go get a new one. Fortunately, my plan let me have my old number.

No texts. Not one. So, I decided to reverse roles. I sent her texts, day and night. "I miss waking up with you." "I heard our song just now and it made me cry." "Are you lonesome tonight?" "My love is like a red, red rose." Every cliche, every romantic memory, every song, every poem,every thing which had meant something to us, I texted it to her.

And not in text language. No - I used fully spelled out, beautifully punctuated English.

Finally, one day, my phone went "ting". And it was her. "Yes, I do miss you." I texted her straight back, "I'm so sorry we fought, I was an idiot." Back she came. "I believe you about the lipstick."

Then it just became too much, I dialed her number, and we talked, and then that wasn't enough, so I literally ran to our old place, and she was waiting for me.....

She still texts a lot, but not as much as before. We had a good old fashioned face to face conversation, and I told her how I didn't want to feel she was spying on me. We made an agreement to talk more and text less. 4 me its going gr8.

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There are three keys to living a long, happy, healthy life.

The first is proper weight. Set it as a goal to get your weight under control and then remain lean and fit for the rest of your life. There is a five word formula for weight loss and physical fitness. It is simply this, "Eat less and exercise more."

Second, proper diet. The key to a proper diet is for you to eat better foods and fewer of them. Eat more lean source proteins, fruits and vegetables. Eliminate deserts, soft drinks, candy and anything else containing sugar from your life. Stop consuming extra salt and stop eating white flour products. Eat smaller portions and eat four or five times a day rather than three large meals. When you can take complete control of your eating habits, you will find it easier to take control of your habits in other parts of your life as well.

The third key to long life is proper exercise. This requires that you exercise approximately 200 minutes per week or an average of 30 minutes per day. You can get all the exercise you need by going for a vigorous 30 to 60 minute walk three to five days per week. If you are really serious, you should join a health club or get some fitness equipment for your house and work out even more vigorously.

The key to excellent physical health and long life is for you to set clear, specific goals for your levels of health and fitness. It is for you to make a plan and then for you to work your plan every day. This requires tremendous self-mastery, self control and self discipline, but the pay off can be extraordinary.

If your financial goal is to achieve a net worth in excess of one million dollars, your health goal should be to live as long as possible so that you can enjoy a wonderful lifestyle with your money.

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